Auto Accident “Diminished Value” Claims in Florida Guide

You’ve been in an accident and received compensation for the damages and repairs but, what happens to the value of your vehicle if you sell it or trade it in?

Check out this guide on how to get compensated for the loss of your vehicle’s value after an accident.

Protect Your Legacy: 10 Critical Mistakes in Estate Planning & How to Evade Them

Safeguarding Your Legacy: Are You Among the 67%?

Most Americans leave their most valuable assets—and their loved ones—vulnerable. Don’t be one of them.

Keith Taylor Law Group offers expert advice for those serious about their legacy. Whether you have an Estate Plan in place or are just starting, our exclusive guide, ‘Protect Your Legacy: 10 Critical Mistakes in Estate Planning & How to Evade Them’, ensures no detail is overlooked. Dive deep into tailored insights and gain confidence in your estate planning decisions. Download your complimentary guide now.

Family Law Matters

While we no longer actively practice or take on cases in the area of Family Law, we recognize its significance and the potential need for individuals to access pertinent information. As a commitment to our community and past clients, we continue to provide these guides as an educational resource. Anyone seeking legal representation in this area should consult with an attorney actively practicing in this specialty.

10 Things You Should Do Before You File for Divorce in Florida

Thinking about filing for divorce and don’t know where to start? We’ve put together some tips and the items you want to gather to prepare to file for divorce. 

Five Things You Can Do to Keep Divorce Costs Down

The average cost of divorce in Florida is $13,500 – $20,300 depending on the unique circumstances. If you’re going to file or already have filed for divorce check out our free guide, Five Things You Can Do to Keep Divorce Costs Down

Marital Asset Distribution Worksheet

Need help diving up assets and debts between you and your spouse or ex-spouse? Not sure where to begin? Look no further, we’ve created a worksheet that is as simple as plugging in the information, our worksheet will do the math for you.

Child Support Calculator

The average child support obligation in America for 2020 was $5,760 per year. Only about 43.5% paying or receiving child support actually get all of it. If you feel like you’re not receiving enough or paying too much child support, click the link below to access our Child Support Calculator including Florida Courts Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, for free!