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Empower yourself with the essential 10 preparations to confidently navigate divorce in Florida.

Embrace your next chapter: Unlock the roadmap to preparedness with our comprehensive guide for navigating divorce and moving forward with confidence.


Streamlined Process

This guide provides you with a clear roadmap of the 10 essential steps to take before filing for divorce. Save time and avoid unnecessary complexities by following this comprehensive resource.

Protect Your Interests

Learn how to safeguard your assets, rights, and future during the divorce process. This guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, ensuring your best interests are protected throughout.

Financial Preparedness

Gain valuable insights into managing your finances effectively during divorce proceedings. This guide offers practical tips and strategies to help you navigate financial challenges, protect your financial well-being, and lay the groundwork for a stable future.

What you will get...

Bill Management Insights

Financial Account Documentation

Child Support Preparation

Preserving Evidence

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My experience with the Keith Taylor Law Group was very caring cause going through a divorce is never easy no matter what anybody says. They tried to be there not just as a law firm but as a person.
J. Rose
I met with Keith and I was pleasantly surprised how honest he was with me and that he genuinely was interested in helping me. I met with another lawyer before I met with Keith and the difference was day and night. Great to meet someone that believes in core values. He has good character and is straight up, nothing hidden. If you are looking for someone that you can trust to help Keith is the one.
R. Holliday
Keith and his team are all outstanding! They are responsive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend them for any legal needs you may have.
M. Colbert

Navigating Family Law with Confidence

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