I’m glad to see someone is doing it right


My Will was over 20 yrs old so I was referred to Mr. Adam Czaya. Obviously, my situation has changed over the last 20 yrs so when I spoke to Mr. Czaya he wanted to find out about me and what documents I have (other than LWT). The answer was none. Mr. Czaya advised me of the documents I should posses and why. I now have 5 documents that will carry out my wishes in any situation, all at a reasonable price I might add, but the biggest asset to me was that Mr. Czaya asked me MULTIPLE times throughout the process If I had any questions. From my past experience with Lawyers, getting answers to my questions was like trying to pull a tooth. I’m glad to see someone is doing it right. I felt completely comfortable throughout the entire process and now have peace of mind for my future.

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