How to handle insurance calls after an accident: Do’s and don’ts!

So, the insurance company has been calling, adjusters knocking at your door, leaving business cards on your windshield, or sending you text messages asking you to talk to them after you’ve been involved in a car accident. We get asked this question all the time: Do I have to talk to them, Should I talk to them? What should I do? Depending on what the situation is and who is contacting you, the answer will vary.  

What you probably should do is seek the assistance of an attorney early, so that that attorney can help guide and direct you through this complicated process. Now, car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, truck accident cases, attorneys in the state of Florida and around the country will typically handle these cases on what is called a contingency fee. That means they will only get paid, you will only owe them any money, if they make a recovery. And so there really is no harm to you in getting an attorney early who can jump right in and help guide you through these early steps. If it ends up you don’t have a case and there’s no collection to be made, then you don’t owe anything because it was the contingency fee.  

So usually, you should avoid speaking to the insurance companies. The common line that insurance adjusters like to tell people is, you don’t need a lawyer, you will do better without a lawyer, you’ll get more money without a lawyer. All of those statements are false. In fact, some insurance companies have been sued for fraud by telling people that they should not get an attorney because what they tell them are all lies. You should probably not speak with the insurance company, but you can’t not speak with your own insurance company for very long until you might get in trouble and perhaps void your own insurance coverage. So, get the advice of a qualified and experienced attorney who can help guide you and even protect you through this very difficult time.