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Hello, dear friends! We’ve missed you and we’re thrilled to announce that our newsletter is back in action! We took a little break to welcome some new members to our law firm, and they are already making a positive impact. While we were away, we’ve been working hard to ensure that our clients receive the best possible legal representation. We’re happy to report that we’ve won some important cases and helped many people during this time. Now that we’re back, we can’t wait to catch up with you and share some helpful tips and insights. So buckle up, grab a snack, and get ready for some great content. We’re thrilled to have you back with us!


Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives: Introducing Our Charitable Giving Division

At the Keith Taylor Law Group, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our charitable giving division, which will focus on supporting children’s causes and initiatives that make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Our mission is to empower communities and enrich lives, and our charitable giving program is an important part of how we achieve that goal. We partner with organizations that share our values, and we’re dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote education, safety, and wellness for all children.

We understand that there are many challenges facing young people today, from lack of access to quality education to issues of safety and wellness. That’s why our giving focuses on initiatives that can help make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families.

Through our charitable giving division, we’ll be able to make an even greater impact on the communities we serve. By partnering with organizations that share our commitment to children’s causes, we’ll be able to provide more support and resources to those in need.

Our commitment to charitable giving is an integral part of who we are as a law firm, and we’re proud to support the communities in which we live and work. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of young people and their families.

We’re excited to see the positive impact that our charitable giving division will have, and we look forward to partnering with organizations that share our values and our commitment to children’s causes. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we work to empower communities and enrich lives.


Protecting Our Planet: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact on Earth Day and Beyond

Climate change is a big problem that we need to pay attention to. It’s important to protect our planet and make it a better place to live. Earth Day is a great day to think about how we can make a positive impact and enjoy the beauty of nature.

One way we can help the environment is by reducing waste. We can bring our own reusable bags to the store instead of using plastic bags that we throw away. We can also compost our food scraps instead of throwing them in the trash. By doing these things, we can reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills and help the environment. Even small changes to our habits can make a big difference over time.

Planting trees and participating in local clean-up efforts is another way to help the environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and make the air cleaner. We can also help the environment by picking up litter or cleaning up local parks. It’s important to work together as a community to make a positive impact on the environment.

We should support businesses and policies that care about the environment. We can buy products made from sustainable materials or support businesses that try to be environmentally friendly. When we do this, we can create more demand for products and practices that are good for the environment. Even our government can make policies that help protect the environment.

Earth Day is coming up soon, and it’s a good time to think about what we can do to help the environment. We can make small changes in our habits and support businesses and policies that are good for the environment. By doing this, we can make a positive impact and make the world a better place for ourselves and future generations. Let’s work together to protect our planet!


Strategies for Coping with Stress and Anxiety: Mental Health Awareness Month Special

May is a special month called Mental Health Awareness Month. During this time, it’s important to learn ways to handle stress and anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States and affect more than 40 million adults. Stress and anxiety can cause both physical and mental health problems, so it’s important to learn how to manage them. Here are some strategies that can help.

One way to help reduce stress and anxiety is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is when you focus on the present moment without judging it. Mindfulness techniques include deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. These techniques can help reduce the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety like increased heart rate and muscle tension.

Another strategy is to stay connected with friends and family. Social support is important for mental health. Even if you can’t see your loved ones in person, you can still talk to them on the phone or through video calls. Talking to someone you trust about your thoughts and feelings can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Lastly, taking care of your physical health is important for your mental health as well. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly. Avoid using drugs and alcohol as they can make anxiety and depression worse.

In conclusion, Mental Health Awareness Month is an important time to learn ways to handle stress and anxiety. Mindfulness, social support, and self-care are effective ways to manage these issues. It’s okay to ask for help if you need it. If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, you can reach out to a mental health professional for support. Remember that taking care of your mental health is an important part of overall well-being.

Keith Taylor Law Group Community

Pictured (Left to Right):  Attorney Keith Taylor,  Carole Savage - Executive Director,  Attorney Jessica Czaya - PACE Board Member 

We are honored to make a donation to PACE as part of our efforts to give back and support important initiatives that benefit our neighbors. We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to such a worthwhile cause, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to make a difference in our community.

Pace Citrus serves Citrus County’s girls by providing holistic social, academic, and career-building services to girls in need in our community.

Congratulations to Our Firm's Client Intake & Relationship Specialist, Ashley Baxter, on the Arrival of Her New Bundle of Joy: Harper Glenn Wilson

Meet the newest addition to our Keith Taylor Law Group family! Born on December 27, 2022, weighing in at 5lbs 9oz and measuring 18 ½ in long, this happy baby girl came into the world at 4:52pm. Her favorite thing to do is smile. She is such a happy baby, even when she’s not feeling well. She’s fascinated by ceiling fans and loves to be talked to, responding with coos and babbles. She’s already hit several milestones, including rolling over and holding her own bottle, but doesn’t enjoy tummy time. One thing’s for sure – this little one always has an appetite! With blue eyes and a scream that stands out, she’s easily recognizable as the spitting image of her older sister at the same age.

Keith Taylor Law Group Community

Pictured (Left to Right) - CCA Board Member Dr. Bobby Winsler, Attorney Keith Taylor, CCA Prisident Donna Bidlack, CCA Vice President of Special Projects Harold Walker

We are proud to be a sponsor and support Citrus Construction Academy – Youth Fishing Tournament!
We are excited for kids to learn about fishing and the opportunities Citrus Construction Academy has available to our community.

The Citrus Construction Academy is a vocational school that provides hands-on training and education for students interested in pursuing careers in the construction industry.