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Holiday Travel Guide, Plane, Gifts

     The holidays are a time that bring friends and family together from near and far. This summer’s travel season saw staffing shortages, flight delays, and many rescheduled and cancelled flights. Expecting a busy holiday season, many airlines are preparing now by reinforcing their staffing and adjusting flight schedules to help avoid delays and cancellations outside the impacts of unpredictable weather conditions.

     Booking. Holiday flights have increased about 25% in the past year. If you haven’t already booked your flight for Christmas, you may find fewer available options and should not delay in securing your seat. Try to avoid December 22nd, 23rd, 26th, and 27th as flights are more expensive, more booked, and you’ll see long lines and congestion in the airports. If you can book a longer stay, flights on December 18th and 19th with returns on December 28th and 29th are cheaper options and will help you avoid the big Christmas crowds in airport security. Try to fly direct to avoid possible connection delays. If you can’t find your flight at your preferred airport don’t forget to check on flights in and out of other nearby airports.

     Pre-Flight. Check the CDC destinations page for up-to-date travel and health information. Doctors recommend you get up to date on all routine vaccinations before travel and prepare a health travel kit with your regular medications, vitamins, and other healthcare items you may need for your trip, remembering to pack for a few extra days in case of a delay. If you can, consider packing in a carry-on size suitcase you can keep with you in the cabin of the plane. This can decrease the risk of losing luggage on connections. You should check with your airline for their maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage, but most major American airlines restrict carry-ons to 14 inches wide, 22 inches tall, and 9 inches deep. Keep in mind that some -but not all- airlines also have restrictions on weight for carry-on baggage. If you end up checking your luggage, it’s a good idea to keep some essential items with you in a carry-on or personal item in case of lost luggage. This should include your essential medications, valuables, your passport or ID, and a full change of clothing. 

     Flying. Make sure your phone is charged and has all the phone numbers, itineraries, and apps you will need for your trip. Leave for the airport with plenty of time to arrive and move through security. You may want to consider being dropped off or pre-reserving airport parking. You may also be able to check in to your flight in advance online and download or print your boarding pass, and many airlines offer the option to check your bags curbside. This could help you avoid the check-in counter, which may have long lines. Make sure you pack reading, listening, or other in-flight entertainment and comfort items like snacks to make your down-time pass quickly. Lastly, be patient, kind and flexible. Remember that hiccups are bound to happen. Airlines are working hard to resume normal travel accommodations, but the airline industry is still facing a huge shortage in the number of pilots. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 18,000 new pilots would need to be hired every year for the next decade to resolve the commercial pilot shortage the industry is facing. This means fewer and busier flights. 

     Traveling for the holidays can be intimidating and stressful but heading into the season with a plan and the right mindset can make all the difference. It’s a special time for many to be reunited with families after months or years apart, and the destination and the happy memories you will make together are worth the hassle. Be safe and happy travels! 

Charity Spotlight

Community Food Bank Logo with Basket of Food and Hands

     The holidays are a time for reflection on what we’re grateful for in our lives and the things that truly matter. For some families, it’s also a time of worrying when their next meal may come. In Florida, there are about 3 million people who go hungry and nearly a million of those Floridians are children. One local agency has made it their mission that no one goes hungry.

     Community Food Bank of Citrus County (CFBCC) has worked tirelessly to provide food to Floridians in Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter County. Partnering with more than sixty agencies, CFBCC is able to provide one hundred meals with just a $10.00 donation. Since 2013, CFBCC has distributed 14 million pounds of food that produced 21 million meals for our local communities, with an average of 70,000 meals monthly. Countless volunteers, donors, agencies, and businesses come together to feed all those who are in need. 

     At Keith Taylor Law Group, we feel a personal responsibility to make the communities we serve a great place to live and work and we are proud to stand alongside CFBCC in their tremendous efforts in our communities. CFBCC is an essential organization to our community and we encourage all who are able to get involved. There are volunteering opportunities for anyone who wants to give back – even for young adults (at age 14 with the supervision of an adult), opportunities to make donations of food items, and to partner with CFBCC to set up a food drive in your local area. You can also make monetary donations to CFBCC online or over the phone, monthly, long term, or in honor of a person as a tribute or memorial. There may also be opportunities for employer-matched donation by your employer of your own donation. We encourage you to check out their website linked below and see the impact they are making in our community to end hunger. Stay up to date with events by liking their business page on Facebook.

Community Food Bank of Citrus County Website: feed352.org

Keith Taylor Law Group Celebrating 25 Years - Attorney Keith Taylor, Adam Czaya, Jessica Czaya, Lindsey Cappola

     Keith Taylor Law Group celebrated 25 years of meeting legal needs in our community with a client appreciation night on Friday, October 21st, 2022. Established in 1997 by Keith and Julie Taylor, the Keith Taylor Law Group has grown to four attorneys and expanded to two locations (Crystal River and Dunnellon). Our attorneys and staff are passionate about helping clients in Citrus, Marion, and Hernando counties, and throughout Florida, specializing in Estate Planning, Probate and Probate Litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases. Earning our clients’ trust through our commitment to excellence and outstanding client experience has always been at the foundation of our core values at The Keith Taylor Law Group. We are also proud citizens of our communities, dedicated to making our towns better places to live and work for the past 25 years. We are honored to be a part of a wonderful community and are looking forward to another 25 years of serving the families in Citrus, Marion, and Hernando counties.

Keith and Julie Taylor with grandchildren

Keith and Julie Taylor with their five grandchildren trying to get the perfect family photo.

Keith Taylor Law Group Staff Celebrating

(Top Left to Right) 

Erin Savoie, Attorney Lindsey Cappola, Samantha Wheat, Amber Spurgeon, Christie Vann, Attorney Jessica Czaya, Brandi MacCurdy 

(Bottom Left to Right) 

Kyla Vadovsky, Vanessa Dove

(Not Pictured) Attorney Adam Czaya

Attorney Keith Taylor cutting the cake and celebrating 25 years in business.