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Personal Injury : Auto Accident l Wrongful Death l Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall

You may have a slip and fall claim if you have slipped or fallen on another person or company's property due to a dangerous condition which they have created or failed to repair. Some of the conditions that may be found to cause a slip and fall accident include poor lighting, an unmarked wet floor, torn carpeting, stairs or a handicapped-accessible walkway without a proper railing, or unexpected drops in surfaces. If you have been injured as a result of an unsafe condition caused by another person, you may choose to handle your slip and fall case on your own in Small Claims Court. However, most slip and fall cases will require the assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney. A slip and fall case is not easy to win on your own because, without significant trial experience, it is often difficult to prove that a dangerous condition was caused by the individual you bring the suit against and that this condition led to your injury.

If you wish to pursue your slip and fall case, please contact the personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Keith R. Taylor, P.A. Our attorneys have years of litigation experience and will offer you advice and guidance throughout the process. Early on, they will provide an assessment of your case, and will deal with the other party or his or her insurance carrier. Should the case proceed to trial, our attorneys can locate experts to help in the evaluation and presentation of your case and prepare impressive trial exhibits which will help the jury better understand the facts of your case and, ultimately, award fair damages. 

If you have been injured due to an unsafe condition which was caused or ignored by another person and you want an experienced advocate who will fervently represent you in your claim, please contact our firm to schedule a consultation.