Professional and Attentive


It is with confidence that I can recommend the Law Office of Keith Taylor as a trusted source of advice. The firm is well known to me having provided advice and representation for many years on various matters. The firm is aggressive, ethical and well versed in legal issues. I’ve never been disappointed in the solutions and outcomes offered for my small business, family law matters and real estate matters.
Further, I know that the Law Office of Keith R Taylor, P.A. can always be counted on to be professional and attentive.

My Highest Recommendation

I was in a vulnerable position as I approached Adam Czaya, first, because I was flying in out of town to help my aged parents, and second, because the person who had formerly drawn up their last will and testament had completely bungled it. Adam sagely sorted out that thicket of issues, walked us through decisions we needed to make, and then calmly and competently reflected the needs of our family by putting together a new document. He did so quietly, effectively, and sensitively putting first the needs of my aged parents. He took our mess and gave us confidence in the provisions now made to cover every manner of possible contingency. And for that we are deeply grateful to him. I give him and the Taylor Law Group my highest recommendation.


It’s that time of year to reflect on the many blessings we have and share our thanks and gratitude.

This year, we’re thankful for…

  1. Family
  2. Our Community
  3. Our military service members and their families
  4. Health
  5. Living in the Sunshine State
  6. Friends
  7. Pets
  8. Home
  9. Jokes
  10. Amazon Prime
  11. Music
  12. Gobbling ’til we Wobble

Happy Thanksgiving from The Keith Taylor Law Group!


One of Florida’s most outstanding attorneys

Keith Taylor is one of Florida’s best trial lawyers. He is hard working, results oriented, smart, competant, committed, caring, aggressive, and his ethics are beyond reproach.

He is a good man, with a great heart… a leader in his community, an upstanding member of the legal community; as well as a dedicated husband and father.

Keith is a man I admire and respect, and there isn’t anyone I would rather have represent me, or my family, than Keith Taylor. He handled a child custody case for our son, and a personal injury case for me, and a He was simply remarkable.

I have also referred friends and family members to Keith, and he has represented them as well. If you need an attorney look no further than Keith Taylor. He’s simply the best!